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Master Grow A&B

From 11,00
Grow Accelerator, Master Grow А&В is a growth stimulant selected in order to provide the perfect proportion of nutrients needed

Master Bloom A&B

From 11,00
Extended Buds Formula, Two-part nutrient formulated for generous blooming and strong buds. Master Bloom A&B has been specifically formulated to

Master Root

From 18,00
Powerful Root Expander, Master Root is a bio-stimulant and exclusive product of Xpert Nutrients, specially designed to form a well-developed


From 8,50
Decompose Plant Residues, Enzymes is a high-quality liquid formulation, made of specially selected enzymes, important to help with unlocking the

Bloom Booster

From 8,50
Xtreme Bud Builder Bloom Booster is a powerful flowering stimulator, generating an explosive bloom and a massive production. With the

Sticky Fingers

From 23,50
Resin & Terpene Enhancer, Sticky Fingers is a specially designed bloom booster, designed to maximize the plant’s trichome production to

Sugar shot

From 10,50
Energy Provider, Sugar shot is a specially designed mixture of complex and simple carbohydrates to provide energy to plants in

Silica Force

From 8,50
Stress reducer, Silica force is an extremely useful product, which reduces stress, caused by mechanical, biotic and abiotic factors in

Cal-Mag Amino

From 7,00
Enhances Photosynthesis, Cal-Mag Amino by Xpert Nutrients – liquid Calcium and Magnesium fertilizer enriched with amino acids. CAL-MAG AMINO is

Ph Down

From 7,00
Decreases pH Levels, Keeping the pH in the right range will give your plant access to all essential nutrients needed

Ph Up

From 7,00
Increases pH Levels, Controlling pH in hydroponics is essential for the proper growth of your plants. The pH of the nutrient