Each product we produce is unique on different levels and that is why we strive to be as personalized, scalable and flexible as possible, just as customers need us.

Silica Force

Silica Force – stress reducer Silica force is an extremely useful product, which reduces stress, caused by mechanical, biotic and abiotic factors in plants. Moreover, it improves resistance to pests such as insects and fungi. This is due to the


Enzymes is a high-quality liquid formulation, made of specially selected enzymes, important to help with unlocking the valuable sources of nutrients for the plant in the root system area

Cal-Mag Amino

Liquid Calcium and Magnesium fertilizer enriched with amino acids. Specially selected formula, designed to give strength to plants to grow properly and deliver better yields

Ph Up

Keeping the pH in the right range will give your plant access to all essential nutrients needed for optimal growth and flowering.

Ph Down

Ph Down lowers the pH of nutrients. Controlling pH in hydroponics is essential for the proper growth of your plants.

Master Root

Master Root is a bio-stimulant and exclusive product of Xpert Nutrients, specially designed to form a well-developed and strong plant root system.

Master Grow

Master Grow А&В is a growth stimulant selected in order to provide the perfect proportion of nutrients needed in the vegetative phase of the plants. It activates the growth and the protection genes, which leads to strong plants and high

Master Bloom

Extended Buds Selected formula: Two-part nutrient Formulated for generous blooming and strong buds. Specially developed for effective bloom.

Light Mix

Light Mix is a universal soil for seed planting and germination in a home environment, of the brand Xpert Nutrients. Enriched by minerals and nutrients, it ensures the optimum development of your plants for better crop quality.

Microbial Mix

Microbial Mix is a soil mix which acts as a bio-stimulant on the plants, by increasing plant metabolism, so as to increase crop yields and to improve plant quality.

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