CoconuX is a 100% natural, sustainable, and organic plant medium. It is a carefully treated and ready-to-use (no need to pre-rinse to remove salt) coir, which guarantees optimal growth as well as healthy plants. CoconuX offers ideal growing conditions for plants, providing texture, water regulation, and structure and encouraging a strong and healthy root system. With its significant water-holding capacity, CoconuX absorbs water immediately and retains moisture longer. Its high cation exchange capacity feature also facilitates optimal nutrient uptake. A structurally stable material that does not tend to break down in very humid environments, provides rapid seed germination and accelerated plant growth.

CoconuX meets the most stringent quality standards (OMRI listed, ISO 9001:2015) and does not contain any fertilizers. 100% absence of pathogenic fungi.

All-purpose expandable potting medium for indoor and outdoor use. Organic and environmentally friendly material. CoconuX will take care of your plant’s needs.


Storage conditions: Dry and cool place.

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