“Xpert Nutrients”: Innovative and High Quality Products

Xpert Nutrients is a company specialized in the production and marketing of liquid fertilizers and soils, that guarantee the best results & highest quality crops. Through careful selection of raw materials and advanced production process, our products are synonymous with reliable results.
As a result of many years of development by a team of specialists, in close cooperation with experienced growers, we created Xpert Nutrients with a lot of passion, desire and attention to results and quality.

Determination of a crop’s nutrient needs is an essential aspect of Xpert Nutrients. We create sustainable, specially selected formulas for your plants to ensure the highest level of productivity, to improve growth and provide all the nutrients requirements that your valuable crops need.

We are passionate about providing our fellow cannabis lovers with top quality products to enhance their growing experience.

Xpert Nutrients was founded in collaboration with technologists with extensive experience and knowledge in the field of agriculture, as the company produces liquid fertilizers and soils with one single purpose – to work in the interest of producers, to increase production volume and quality.

Our specialists have worked tirelessly to create fertilizers and soils with the right proportions and quality ingredients that reduce the risk of loss in yields and increase profitability in each subsequent season. We believe that by striving for excellence in our production, we build a high level of trust with our customers and help them achieve healthy plants and higher yields.

Xpert Nutrients products:

• Ensure maximum fertilization efficiency.
• Improve plants nutrition.
• Increase yield and quality.
• Respect, protect and care for the environment and the consumers’ health.

We will always create the best products for you to meet all your expectations!


Your needs are constantly changing. We always look for ways to provide you with more value than you have expected of us. It is important for us that all producers are satisfied with their results. We guarantee proper nutrition of the plants and reaching of their full potential.

Our goal is to produce the best product for our customers – for every method of cultivation and for every crop


The quality of the ingredients of the fertilizers and the substrates that we produce is the basis of the efficient agriculture. Communicating with you over the years has created this confidence for us.

Xpert Nutrients is driven by the need to provide more efficient and more effective plant nutrition, leading to the formation of dense and saturated flowers.

We strive to make growers’ life easier by saving them time and helping them become more efficient farmers – especially in their care for the plants, providing them with a balanced mix of all essential plant nutrients with components that increase the quality of the crops.

Integrity and transparency are the basis of the company’s management.

Xpert Nutrients provides maximum assistance to its customers from the agricultural community, being available for any questions, inquiries, consultations and advice about its products.

With our personal and competent specialized consultations, we strive to build reliable relationships with our clients, creating a solid foundation for successful cooperation. That is why the intensive customer service is an important component of our daily work. For that purpose, we need to learn and understand in detail your requirements and expectations. Our ambition is to create the best products with a number of benefits that meet the requirements of our customers and their cultures – around the world.

We develop innovative scientific solutions for our customers – both in the form of quality products and in the form of experience, information, technology and modern science.

We help growers to be more successful by offering solutions that enable them to grow a top crop.

We will continue to invest in research and development of sustainable and high quality soils and fertilizers.


Xpert Nutrients – means security, a guarantee of high quality and professionalism – in short: for the absolute success of your plants!